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Behind Closed Doors: IRBs and the Making of Ethical Research
Laura Stark, 2012.  REVIEW

The Censor’s Hand: The Misregulation of Human-Subject Research
Carl E. Schneider, 2015.  REVIEW

The Ethics Police? The Struggle to Make Human Research Safe”
Robert Klitzman, 2015.  REVIEW

Evaluating the Science and Ethics of Research on Humans: A Guide for IRB Members
Dennis J. Mazur, 2007.  REVIEW

Institutional Review Board: Management and Function
Elizabeth A. Bankert and Robert J. Ardur, editors, 2006.  REVIEW

The Institutional Review Board Member Handbook
Robert Amdur, editor, 2003.  REVIEW

Reviewing Clinical Trials: A Guide for the Ethics Committee
Johan PE Karlberg and Marjorie A. Speers, editors, 2010.  REVIEW

Working Effectively With and Within IRBs
Eileen Hilton and Deirdre Hall, 2005.  REVIEW

You Want to be an IRB Community Member… Now What?”
Urvi J. Patel, Susan L. Rose, Gordon Olacsi, and Peter Mestaz, 2008.  REVIEW

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