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Key Elements for Implementing Clinical Research as a Care Option
We're all on the same team

The 21st Century Cures Act, Section 3024: Informed Consent Waiver or Alteration for Clinical Investigations
What exactly is being waived?

The Power of Questions: A Secret to Effective Communication
Answers about questions

Review: "Unit 731: Japan's Secret Biological Warfare in World War II"
It wasn't just the Nazis

Review: "A Plague Upon Humanity: The Secret Genocide of Axis Japan’s Germ Warfare Operation"
More truth comes out

My Clinical Study Experience with Cystic Fibrosis
The patient's voice

It’s About Time: Doing Things Right vs. Doing the Right Thing
Your next priority

Good Clinical Practice Q&A: Focus on Confidentiality
You too can be a GCP expert

Clinical Research Ethics Question of the Month: An Auction for Participation
What would you do?

What's New in GCP?
FDA wants ethnic and racial demographic data captured in two distinct categories

Making Sense of Biostatistics
Simple causal mediation analysis

Making Sense of Biostatistics
Covariate vs. control variables

On Site: Industry Headlines
Investigator attrition and solving the “one and done” phenomenon

First Clinical Research Stock Index (FCRI)
Back on track

Mayne Cartoon Research Laboratories
FCA inspected and approved

What am I Missing Here? Thought-Provoking Questions for the Clinical Research Industry
Something's wrong here

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