Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices
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Hurricane Katrina: The Clinical Research Community Takes Action
What we can do and why we should do it.

A Speakers Bureau for the Clinical Research Industry
We have a good story; we just need to tell it.

Readable Informed Consent Forms Are Not Optional
We’ve got work to do.

Cuz We Got To: Readable HIPAA Authorizations
It just gets better and better.

How Well Does the Average U.S. Adult Read?
As it turns out, not very well.

How to Find Lost-to-Follow-up Subjects
Tips from a professional shamus.

Good Clinical Practice Q&A #2: Focus on Subject Recruitment
You too can be a GCP expert.

What Am I Missing Here? Thought-Provoking Questions for the Clinical Research Industry #8
The three types of investigators, site opinions of CROs, risk factor likelihoods.

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