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Readers may freely distribute unaltered copies of Journal articles, however, we prefer the use of URL links. They may freely quote and excerpt articles with proper credit in one of the following formats:

  • ©[year] [author], Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices
  • Source: [title], [author], Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices, [date]
  • Adapted from [title], [author], Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices, [date]

Authors retain a co-copyright and grant First Clinical Research a co-copyright on articles published in the Journal. Both parties have a perpetual, free right to use, reprint and distribute any article published in the Journal in print or online. Authors may freely distribute copies of their Journal articles. However, they may not publish the same material in another publication without written permission from First Clinical Research and any co-authors, and proper credit to the Journal, e.g., "This material previously appeared in the Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices, [Month], [Year] under the title [Title]".

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