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Citation Search:
  • If the text in the search box looks like a citation, such as "45 CFR 164.512" or "21 CFR 17.45(b)(3)", the response is to show the regulation (such as 45 CFR 164 or 21 CFR 17) with the cited passage highlighted.
  • You can use spaces instead of the other punctuation: "21 cfr 17 45 b 3".
  • Currently, only CFR citations are recognized.

  • Indenting has been added to make the text more readable.
  • Subsection numbers in the original documents that obviously appear to be missing have been added.
  • Searches only find instances where the exact text in the search box is found. For example, searching for “event adverse” finds no results.
  • Results are displayed based on the number of times the search term is found in the document.
  • Surrounding a search phrase with quotation marks has no effect, unless you select "Punctuation is significant".
  • Words such as “and” and “or” are interpreted as part of the search phrase.
  • Red underlining indicates where the search term has been found in the title. Searches in the body of the article are not shown.
  • Search terms that are singular and present-case with U.S. English spelling are more likely to find results.
  • Use the arrows on the left to view other pages in a document. Use the arrows on the right to skip to the next page where the search term is found.

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